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About the CEO

Image by Scott Webb


My She Time was created by CEO & Co-Founder , Jazmyn in Indianapolis, Indiana. Graduating with her bachelors of Science in Tourism, Conventions, and Event Management, she has always had a passion to being of service to her community. With her passion for hair and self care, she decided to create products and a space for all women to become aware of their healthy hair journey. Our hair care products boost and restore the confidence that every women should have. But we're much more than just a hair care brand, we're a lifestyle. We also provide a space that focuses on the well-being and healing of women mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. As we all too often get consumed with daily tasks, we forget to take the much needed time for ourselves. My She Time is what all women must have.

As advocates for self care, self awareness, and mental health for all women, we aim to provide a sisterhood that empowers women to discover their inner self power. We as women must:

Self-reflect on our past and present

Heal from our wounds and trauma, and

Elevate in order to become who we are meant to be.