Health vs. Length: 7 Hair Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy

It's the healthy hair for me...

If you're like us then you are accustomed to the obsession that people have with long hair, especially in the black community. It use to not matter if your hair was thin, heat damaged, or your curls weren't popping, as long as your hair was bra strap length or longer.

Being young and growing up in a society where length was precedence over health, straightening or relaxing your hair to showcase its length was the norm. As we got older, we learned the importance of having and maintaining healthy hair. Having a good hair regimen not only helps the health of your hair but also helps your confidence. We advocate for women to feel self empowered and take the weekly doses of self care that they need. As they say, if you look good, then you feel good. So here's 7 Hair Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy so you can start to feel good about you too.

1. Moisturize, Moisturize, and did we forget... MOISTURIZE


Keeping your hair moisturized is a major key to maintaining and restoring the health of your hair. Hair that lacks moisture becomes brittle, dull, and causes breakage. Low porosity hair does not easily absorb water into the hair shaft. High porosity hair can easily absorb water and does not need a lot of moisture.

My She Time's Self Aware Herbal Tea is a perfect hair refresher mixed with a variety of hair beneficial herbs such as Butterfly Pea Flower, Yerba Mate Tea Leaf, and Clove Buds that moisturize and soften the hair follicles. It is suitable for all hair types whether your hair is curly, straight, or loc'd.

2. Deep Condition Your Hair Back to Health


Deep Conditioning the hair once a week helps to restore the hair from previous damage, add shine & bounce back to your curls. It strengthens your hair and provides moisture to prevent breakage. Camisha (@_bigmish) is a prime example of how deep conditioning can restore your hair back to health. She combed her locs out and with consistently deep conditioning, she was able to revert back to her beautiful curls.

Self-Heal Ultra Nourishing Herbal Hair Masque is infused with Vitamin B & E to hydrate, soften, and repair the hair follicles. The masque can be combined with your favorite conditioner to give your hair the best intense moisture deep conditioning that it has ever felt.

3. You Better Keep Those Ends Clipped


Split ends are definitely NOT a girl's best friend. Don't put in all of that work staying on top of your hair regimen just to not see any length retention because you don't get your ends clipped. Don't let your hard work, time, and money (I know you have 20 different hair products. Don't be ashamed, we do too lol) go to waste.

It is recommended to clip your ends every 4 weeks if you have fine hair, 6 weeks for wavy hair, 8 weeks for curly hair, and 8-12 weeks for coily hair. If your hair is colored, it is best to clip your ends each time you go for a color retouch.

4. Protective Styles


Protective styles are a great way to take a break from constant manipulation to your hair. Constantly styling your hair may cause breakage to your hair.

Our Seal & Heal Hair Growth Oil is great for protective styles. Whether you have braids, weave, or wigs, you can protect and grow your hair. Seal & Heal stimulates hair growth, adds, shine, and relieves the scalp.

We love protective styles but be sure to not keep them in longer than 6-8 weeks to not put a strain on your hair.

5. Don't Be Scared, Big Chop If You Need To


Now, if you hate getting your ends clipped then we KNOW doing the big chop seems unfathomable but it just might be the best option for you. If your hair has an immense amount of damage, doing the big chop will allow you to get rid of all your damaged hair and bring back those luscious curls again.

Or if you just need a new look and want to feel fierce, here's your sign, do it! There's something very empowering about a woman who can feel confident and beautiful with little to no hair despite what social media may tell us what the definition of beauty is.

6. Drinking Water Doesn't Just Make Your Skin Glow


We have all heard that drinking water is good for the skin and to detox the body but did you know it is good for your hair too?

Drinking water provides hydration to the scalp which strengthens your hair and increases hair growth. With strengthening the hair, it combats brittle, dull, and damaged hair.

The amount of water you should intake a day depends on your age, height, weight, and gender. You can use the GIGA Calculator to determine how many ounces you should drink a day.

7. Love Yourself & Your Hair


No matter whether your hair is long, short, bald, or loc'd, love it and love yourself in all of your stages. We all have different hair power. Whichever style makes you feel like the Queen that you are, rock it and embrace it.

When you focus on self care, it has a way of trickling down to every other area of your life. You will notice yourself having more confidence in yourself, wanting to eat healthier, exercise, remove toxic behaviors and people from your life, and finding the joy that was missing. We have curated a Self Care Playlist with you in mind.

We are dedicated to providing products that will upgrade your hair care routine. To us, health is so much more important than length. We give tips on how to have both healthy and long hair but feel that all hair lengths are beautiful.

Most of the women used in this blog are women that we know. We felt it was important to highlight "normal" women and show that you do not have to be the ideal Instagram model to be beautiful. We advocate for self love and self care. We want all women to feel beautiful no matter their race, size, hair texture or style. So if no one has told you today, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Keep shining Queen! 🧡💛

Love, The Founders of My She Time

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